The (tongue very firmly in cheek) Importance of Characterisation

A bit of a light hearted post this week, and really all because I just couldn't resist posting this eye wateringly cute photo.

So it all started earlier in the week ..... There I was in Pets At Home (other retailers are available) buying guinea pig food, when I overheard a sales assistant talking to a customer about well known characteristics of certain breeds of dogs, and it got me thinking ...

Much has been written about the importance of characters in writing, and its probably the thing I spend most time on in the planning stages of my writing. In fact its probably my favourite thing; I love creating new people and deciding what they will be like. Of course in my head I know exactly what my characters are like. I know what they look like, their mannerisms, the way they speak, how they react to situations, and of course what traits they have ... but what if they were not humans, what if they were dogs, what then?

Well for starters the lovely chappie in the photo would have to be Ben, I mean just look at those eyes, deep brown eyes you could drown in, playful, sometimes rash but determined ...

And then there's Finn, who has a bit of the Great Dane about him, very handsome, caring and loyal, the gentle giant ...

Will is a bit more complex, a touch of the Rottie perhaps, a bit wary to start with, a bit misunderstood, but very loyal, intelligent and protective, perhaps coupled with the charm and affection of the Springer Spaniel, someone you just want to put your arms around.

With all that blazing red hair, Ellie should really be a red setter, but I always think they are a bit aloof, and Ellie is anything but. Faithful, loyal, friendly, my bets on a Labrador!

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