In Gratitude ... it's been quite a week.

As many of you will know Letting in Light has turned one this week, and it's been quite a week. I have been so touched by the support and comments I've received, at times it's been quite emotional. Writing is such a heartfelt thing; you can't do it without investing a great deal of yourself in the process and to now have validation of that work from so many people is simply an amazing feeling.

I have the hugest gratitude yet again for the amazing writing community of which I am now a part. These people who are so unfailingly friendly, supportive, generous and good humoured, they give of their time, and expertise without a second thought, to others who, to all intents and purposes, are complete strangers. From other writers and readers to book bloggers, the response is the same. I have tried to thank you all as I've gone this week, but if I missed you, please accept my heartfelt thanks now, by the bucket load.

So the week started for me in an already great place to be, but it has finished with Letting in Light having reached it's highest chart position yet and has beaten its previous daily sales record by a mile. I've picked up some more amazing reviews, including two new blogger reviews and been featured again on several other blogs. I've also had a lovely tweet, which while it only included seven words, is something I hope to be able to tell you about at a later date.

I know that my blog posts usually go on a bit, but I'm deliberately keeping this one shorter than usual; among other things I'm desperately trying to finish the first draft of book two. Don't forget my competition though which runs to the end of June. Just answer a simple question based on Letting in Light and you could win a £15 Amazon voucher. To enter just pop over to the competiton page on my site here.

Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead, happy writing, and happy reading!

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