Summer's Lease Hath All Too Short A Date - My little summer round up

Now before we start I know that summer’s not over yet … but I have noticed that where summer is concerned there are definitely two types of people; those who eke out every last drop of the warmer weather and sunshiney feeling, wearing shorts well into October if they can get away with it, and those, who like me, come August and the first cold snap in the early morning air, start reaching for their jumpers and dreaming of open fires and colourful woodland walks.

There’s also of course another very practical reason for today’s summer round up post and that is because I’m going on holiday at the end of the week and then on our return I will be plunged into the whole manic back to school routine, and then I will actually be back to work. It will be September and autumn officially with us!

So, this summer, what’s it all been about …? Well, in my little corner of the world the weather hasn’t been all that great, ok, but not that great, however it will be a summer I remember for a long time. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know that I attended my first Romantic Novelists’ Association annual conference which was just amazing in so many ways. It gave me the opportunity to meet up with so many friends that I have made over recent times through social media and also provided a massive inspirational boost to my writing, and importantly how I saw myself as I writer.

Shortly after that the school term ended and having a six week break from work stretching ahead of me I had resolved to finish the first draft of the sequel to Letting in Light …. However, one morning as I was brushing my teeth the most perfect idea for a Christmas novella popped in my head and utterly refused to go away. I can do this, I thought to myself, I’ve got time, if I can just write so many words a day but the end of the holiday I will have written it. And here I am, three weeks later just pages away from finishing the first draft, standing at just under forty thousand words, and I have to tell you I have SO enjoyed writing this. The words really did flow this time, perhaps because I was writing about a time of year that I love, or perhaps just because I can be a determined little so and so when I put my mind to something. Whatever the reason, it’s been a brilliant writing experience and I hope when it’s released around mid October that you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Of course my summer has also been filled with the realisation that Letting in Light (to use someone else’s words) had stormed the Amazon charts, reaching 215 in kindle store at its peak, and was selling over a hundred copies a day. A few months ago that would have been the subject of my wildest dreams, and I still find it hard to comprehend. I have also felt very emotional a lot of the time and truly humbled by wonderful comments from people and the huge support shown to me by other authors, bloggers and readers, so it’s been a very thankful summer too.

Lastly I also took a chance and took part in the first Curtis Brown & Conville and Walsh pitch day on Twitter, where writers could submit a pitch for their novel using the traditional 140 characters including the hashtag #pitchCB. Those tweets ‘favourited’ by one of their agents could then submit to that agent. I was thrilled when mine was picked out of over 2000 others, a huge boost to confidence. I subsequently submitted and although not successful I had the most lovely email back from the agent.

Oh and then something else happened … but that’s a story for another day ;)

See you in the autumn!

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