Spring Fever - and my first author party!

And I thought it was just me that gets nervous ....

Back in February a lovely little email popped into my inbox from the author team at Amazon inviting me to a party on the 13th April, straight after the middle day of the London Book Fair. A response was clearly required, but what to say? My thought processes veered from one side to the other... Yes, yes of course, I'd love to come... Oh My God another really scary nerve-wracking thing... Pull yourself together, you're a grown woman, you can do this.... Eeeek... Just get on the internet, book yourself a hotel room and say yes... so that's what I did. And of course I had a brilliant time.

I was nervous, I'll admit, as I pushed open the door into a room full of about a hundred people, perhaps only three of whom I knew, but I made a beeline for a couple of friendly faces I knew from social media and went and said hello. Of course they were really friendly, and before too long I was talking to a couple of other authors, and a couple more... Then my lovely editor found me, and after a while so did my agent, and by the end of the evening I found I had really enjoyed myself, met some more really interesting people, and realised that I had nailed another first. I had moved so far outside of my comfort zone I could no longer see it, but it was great, and what's more I'd do it all again! I was also very heartened to hear from another (very well known) author that when he attended his first party he walked around the block for ten minutes trying to pluck up the courage to go in, and so it would seem I am also completely normal - always somewhat of a relief!

And, with that, my spring has well and truly sprung, and I'm reminded what an extraordinary and incredible journey I'm still on. As Facebook keeps reminding me with my memories from last year, it was about this time that things began to get really interesting for me, and now, only a matter of months later I have conquered a whole series of 'firsts' that I never truly thought I would. I'm busier than ever, with so many great things still to come during the year, and am still having to pinch myself to check if it's all real.

So, if your flush of New Year optimism and determination is struggling to keep going, just think that this time next year it really could be YOU! Keep writing, keep submitting, keep believing.

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