Yipedeedoodah! (My Bookouture Dream Come True)

So today was the day I've been waiting for for a very long time....

Those of you who have read previous posts will know that last year wasn't a great one. It was hugely emotional for so many reasons, but through it all I was determined that the one thing that shouldn't suffer was my writing. And in a way it was the thing that kept me going, the thing that I could throw all my energy into and hope that it bore fruit. There was also another reason why it was so very important - you see, when my mum died I was finishing off the edits for Turn Towards The Sun and just missed out on being able to dedicate it to her. I was heartbroken she wouldn't be here to see it published, and so I vowed that the next book would be for her...

So, I carried on writing, and at the same time, I also had an idea for another series of four books, similar to my Tales from Appleyard. What I wasn't sure about was who was going to publish them, if anyone... To cut a long story short (forgive the pun), I submitted my ideas for the series to Bookouture, together with the completed first draft of my new book. I will never forget the day when the email arrived saying that they wanted to offer on all FIVE books! I still can't believe it's actually happened.

That was just a couple of weeks ago, and today...

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