Moving In

Readers of my blog posts will know that we had a pretty traumatic time last year moving house. And about a month ago we did it again!...

I honestly never want to have to move again, but this time thankfully its for keeps, (unless of course it's to a little cottage by the sea, but don't tell anyone I said that... ) Like many writers I've been perched on the kitchen table or the settee, balancing my laptop for years, but no longer....

Yesterday, there was great excitement because my new writing cave was delivered... and judging from the response from people to my posts on social media, I'm not the only one who's excited!

It's very definitely work in progress, as is the garden it sits in, but I don't care... It's my little creative space where I can be anywhere I want to be. What could be better than that? Pop in next time you're passing, the kettle's always on!

Emma x

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